Nod if you...

  • Feel lost when it comes to raising a bilingual child.

  • Don't know when or how to start.

  • Are tired of your familia telling you, "Wow, tu hijo no habla Español."

  • Are tired of looking online for help but feel overwhelmed.

  • Feel like you're doing this all alone.

  • Worry that despite your efforts your child will not be bilingual like you.

  • Want to join an online community for Free with Free monthly coaching sessions to help you in your journey.

Escucha, You are Not Alone!

You deserve the tools and resources to help you raise bilingual children in a way that works for your family, not like Fulanito's or Peranito's. Español is a beautiful gift that you can give your child. I can teach you how...

In a way that is practical for you as a parent or caregiver and that works with your child's natural abilities and tendencies.

Get 4 time saving video modules broken into practical lessons.

I developed the course with the busy parent in mind. The lessons take a few minutes to watch and are designed with exercises and takeaways to help you get the most from the tools and resources.

  • Module 1: Grasping the Concept of Raising a Bilingual Child

    You'll learn about bilingualism and the many scientific and linguistic benefits, what makes Spanish such a wonderful language to learn, and why YOU really want to raise a bilingual Spanish child.

  • Module 2: Setting a Solid Language Foundation

    You'll learn about the different methods used in raising a bilingual child, how to get your spouse, friends and extended family on board, and understanding the costs involved in raising a bilingual child.

  • Module 3: Your Child's Language Learning Journey

    Finally feel confident and understand how to tune in to your child's natural learning abilities not just in language learning but that can be applied to other areas in everyday life. Discover as early as pregnancy to 6 years old.

  • Module 4: A Parent's Bilingual Parenting Journey

    Learn how to combine your language parenting style and your child's learning style for greater success. Plus, learn about the most effective practices to help you stay confident, committed, and consistent.

  • BONUS: Workbook

    Use the downloadable workbook to complete all of the exercises and extra bonus materials like The Clarity Tool, The Language Conversation Tool, The Budget Worksheet, Language Milestones by Age, and The Family Language Plan Weekly Calendar.

  • BONUS: Bilingual Resources, FAQ, & Case Studies

    Get links to actual resources you may need to help you raise a bilingual child like bilingual toys, recommended bilingual books by age, media, and so much more! I did all the searching so you don't have to! Plus, many questions answered and case studies at your finger tips.


What parents have to say...

"I really enjoyed this course. There was so much helpful information shared to build my confidence in raising bilingual children. The course brought up many aspects of raising bilingual children that I never even thought of such as exploring my own learning preference as a parent/teacher and how that effects how I teach my child Spanish. I love that Janny shared her own personal experience with her daughter's multilingual journey and reassured that all children learn differently. It’s exciting to have a resource like Janny’s course to aid in my children's’ bilingual journey. The course definitely gave me a boost in confidence and reassured me that I can raise bilingual children. " - Jennifer Rojas
"I’ve never taken any courses on how to raise bilingual children and I can honestly say after taking this course alone as an introductory, their really is no need to take any other course. As this one covers everything from the start of someones bilingual journey all the way to the end. Which goes into detail about that, and how you can always keep practicing and improving in your child’s bilingual journey their never is any rush to see the end or finish line. It’s reassuring and positive, and very easily explained. It also explains such things like childrens ages, and how they’re learning and how we can properly work with them and set realistic goals along the way. It also explains how every family is different and all the many different ways you can customize it to make it your own personal and unique journey. It’s also full of a lot of fun facts, and ideas on where you too can start which makes it feel a lot less daunting as a parent! Amazing visuals, and plenty of room to pause and go at your own pace and also great for note taking for future reference as well!" - Melissa Magana
"I honestly did not know what to expect and In my opinion I am in AWWWWWE it went far and above. Well done." -Zulema
  • Are you a linguistic specialist or Spanish teacher? I'm not sure if I want to take the course from you. What makes you an expert?

    I am not a linguistic specialist, speech pathologist, or Spanish teacher and understand your hesitation. I was raised bilingual, am raising a multilingual daughter, and I have also interviewed dozens of moms and specialists on my podcast, The Latina Mom Legacy who are raising bilingual children. I've basically done a ton of the research for you and have created this extensive course for the parent by a parent.

  • The course seems expensive and I've never taken an online course before, how do I know it's worth it?

    I offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the course. I understand that it can seem like a large investment so I've made it easy for you to pay in multiple payments. You also have to think about the knowledge that you will be getting, the time you will be saving, and most importantly, the connection you will be building with your child and the gift of a second language. How much do you value those things? Plus, you can take the course in the comfort of your home whenever you want.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    During Hispanic Heritage Month 2022 and the launch of the course, the course will be offered at $99 for it's "founding" students. After that the course will retail at $199, which can be paid in multiple payments.

  • Who is this course for? I'm not a parent but I am a Spanish teacher or speech pathologist. Will this course help me?

    The course is designed for pregnant parents or caregivers with kids up to 6 years old. The material in the course covers these ages. While the content speaks with the parent or caretaker in mind, a Spanish teacher or speech pathologist may find the content useful as a tool to use to help them with their student's or patient's parents.

  • How long does the course take to comple?

    Start to finish the videos are about 4 hours. Most videos are between 2 to 15 minutes long. However, there are quizzes (don't be alarmed, it's just to make sure you're paying attention) and exercises that should be completed to get the most from this course. The time you take to complete the exercises and thus, entire course depends on you.

  • What is the course format?

    The course has short videos with visuals designed to keep you engaged. Each lesson also comes with printable PDFs to help you complete the exercises or provide additional information.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Forever or as long as you need it. You can always come back and re-watch a lesson.

  • Can I download the course videos?

    No, they are only streamed but I do have resources that you can download and print that accompany the videos and course .

  • Can I take this course if I want to teach my child a different language than Spanish?

    While this course was designed with Spanish in mind, the principles can be applied to any language. I also use the term minority language to refer to other languages than Spanish. Note that there is a specific lesson on "Why Spanish" that may not apply to you and The Bilingual Spanish Resources may not be as useful to you if you want your child to learn another language.

How to raise a Bilingual Spanish Child Practically Online Course Intro