🔍 What You Can Expect:

Part 1: Behind the Successes and Failures of Vision Boards Part 2: Moms Interactive Vision Board Creation Using Canva Part 3: Feeding Your Vision in a Practical Way

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn proven methods to visualize goals with clarity and intention.

  • Learn the secrets to why many vision boards fail .

  • Engage in a hands-on activity using the Canva app.

  • Craft your personalized vision board reflecting dreams and aspirations for the year.

  • Discover Janny's secrets to giving your vision power.

  • Learn how to bring your vision to life in a practical manner.

What Attendees Had to Say

  • “This was amazing!... It’s like you went straight to unblock some doubts that I had.” -Christina T.

  • “It’s wonderful. I’m excited to go back and create the board and see what happens at the end of 2024! ” -Maritere B.

  • This was very helpful, Thank You so Much!” -Christine K.

Course curriculum

    1. Free Workshop Preview

    2. 2024 Manifesting Moms Vision Board Workshop Using Canva

    3. Upload Your Vision Board and Get Feedback

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